A Busy Summer

While school is on Summer recess it is often hard to find activities to keep kids busy. Not so at the Public Safety Complex where our active Law Enforcement Explorer Post recently held a parents night. Parents were treated to demonstrations of some of the skills the Explorers have learned over the past year.

Our Explorers demonstrated simulated motor vehicle stops, processed a simulated crime scene, and even got a few of the Moms and Dads to put on Drunk Driving goggles and try our road course with our pedal powered drunkbusters car.
Simulated Car Stop
Supervised by Officer Keith Grausam and assisted by Sergeant Robert Lasko and Officer George Lestuck, this group of teens meets monthly at our facility to learn about careers in Law Enforcement and often help us out at parades and community events. Membership is open to boys and girls aged 15-18.


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