A New Look

Chief John Zebrowski and PBA President David Sivilli with our new logo

Building on the firm foundation built by preceding generations of Sayreville Police the department has been busy instituting operation changes to provide even higher qualities of police service to the community. Those types of change aren’t always easy to see. Looking for a way to communicate the fact that good things are happening here at 1000 Main Street, Chief Zebrowski asked Patrick Kennedy of Grafix Solutions to develop a new logo for our department. Mr. Kennedy provided the services of his entire Hartle Street staff and developed an eye catching design.

Blending the old with the new the design incorporates our new patch along with an original artist’s rendering of our building when it was proposed in the 1970′s. Featured prominently is our new motto “Serving the Community with Honor, Integrity, and Professionalism”.

We are proud of the new logo and hope it serves as an outward sign of our ongoing commitment to the community.


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