Office of the Chief

Message From the Chief


To say the least, I am humbled by the opportunity to be this department’s next Chief of Police.

I appreciate the confidence that our Mayor and Council has shown by appointing me to this position and I look forward to working with them in the future.  I believe we share a common goal and that is to ensure that our community feels safe and confident with its police services.

I understand the many responsibilities associated with the position.  The stakes are indeed high.  But, I am confident that I will be successful with each responsibility as I am not alone in this undertaking.  I am supported by a police force of 85 officers who will work with me to achieve success.  We are equal partners and, as such, support each other in a single minded purpose of providing professional police service.  Our mission is to “serve our community with honor, integrity and professionalism.”

To do this, we must look to expand the opportunities for our community’s input.  Our world is not simply “fast paced.”  It is evolving at historic speed.  Our world, and our own community, is more diverse than ever. In part, technology has advanced this evolution by allowing our society to; communicate with, interact with and affect others to a far greater degree than ever before.  As well as, becoming a world-wide community.  Much of these advancements have made our lives easier and drawn us together.

However, these advancements have also led to a feeling of vulnerability and an insecurity that has required law enforcement to alter its traditional way of thinking and immerse itself in its community in an effort to provide better services.  To ensure there is not a disconnect police officers must care about their community, understand their community and work “side by side” with their community to make certain we have a better place to live.

The world has also become a very dangerous place for law enforcement, as well.  The number of officers, who have been killed in the line of duty, has skyrocketed.  To date, there have been 63 police officers killed while providing police services.  Two, of which, have occurred in New Jersey.  While such statistics are sobering, they do not deter those of us who have taken the oath to serve our communities.  However, those numbers do place a much greater burden on my Command Staff and me, to remain ever vigilant in our pursuit to equip, as well as, train our officers in such a manner that they are better protected and more prepared for what ever occurrence they may encounter during their daily duties.

Although there is no “crystal ball” to the future, it is clear that the role of law enforcement continues to evolve and expand.  We must continue to excel when responding to such traditional requests as; “the lift-assist,” to noise complaints in the middle of the night, as well as, the various first aid requests.  But, we must also continue to expand our services in order to proactively respond to issues relating to homeland security, terrorism and the affects of the various social networks found on the internet.

All of which must occur during a period when municipal budgets and state and federal funding have been reduced and available manpower is contracting.  Make no mistake; there is no substitute for more officers. However, in Sayreville, an infusion of technological advancements and enhanced training has lessened the impact, to a degree.  As Chief, I will continue to integrate those enhancements which allow my officers to be better protected, to work more efficiently and provide better services for the community of Sayreville.

In closing, I am proud to have the opportunity to be the Chief of Police and serve the community of Sayreville.  I am prepared to work hard to keep our community safe so that it can continue to be a wonderful place for our families to live. This is a promise that is shared by each and every member of the Sayreville Police Dept.