Patrol Division


Captain Daniel Plumacker

Commanding Officer

Uniform Patrol Division


The uniform patrol division provides the foundation upon which the police department and the community at large rely on.  Often referred to as the backbone of a police department the patrol division are the first responders, responsible for the initial investigation of all offenses, crimes, traffic accidents, disturbances and all other incidents that require a police service, such as first aid and fire calls.

The Patrol division is the largest of the three divisions.  The division is structured with six squads and two power shifts.  Each squad consists of one lieutenant, two sergeants, and a contingency of patrol officers.  The two power shift squads consist of two officers.  They are used to maximize police coverage during busier times of the day.  Police headquarters is always staffed with a supervisor who acts as the station commander.  A Captain oversees the six squads as well as the Traffic Safety Bureau.

Officers in the Patrol division reflect the professionalism that modern day policing and the community demands. A vast array of Patrol personnel have received specialized training in the following specialties; advanced accident reconstruction, DWI enforcement and prosecution, child safety seat inspections,  bicycle patrol, Top Gun and Drug enforcement strategies,  ATV patrol,  Lo-jack vehicle recovery,  DARE, and Community Policing.  All officers in the Department are trained in the use of Automated Electronic Defibrillators  AEDs and are First Aid certified.

The patrol division has a long history of embracing the philosophy of community policing, officers have long been empowered to engage in problem solving with residents to bring conflicts to peaceful resolutions. There are three specialized units with –in the patrol division, The Bike patrol, ATV patrol, and the new Street Crimes Unit. Each of these specialized directed patrols is designed to allow the patrol division to achieve its goal of community interaction, problem solving, and vigorous enforcement of the law.

Special Patrols

The mission of the Sayreville Police special patrols unit is to provide the public with a police presence in areas and communities in a way in which traditional marked motor patrol can not. Special patrol methods such as Bike patrol, A.T.V. patrol, and unmarked directed patrol, provide the police department with invaluable tools to safeguard our communities.

  • Bike patrol This highly visible and personal form of police patrol enables bike patrolofficers to interact with the public and provide the police department with a highly mobile tool for traffic and event control.
  • A.T.V.  Patrol This method of patrol provides the police department with a way of combating acts of criminal mischief and trespassing on public and private property.
  • Unmarked patrol This enables the police department to target problem areas of criminal activity, or address motor vehicle violations in a way in which marked patrol can not.
  • Motor Patrol The Motor Unit is currently staffed by two Officers from the Traffic Safety Bureau. The primary duties of the Motor Unit are traffic complaint enforcement, high congestion traffic control and enforcement, accident reduction enforcement, escorts, and special event traffic control. Escorts, parades, and traffic and crowd control associated with special events are areas that motor officers handle with great efficiency. There are currently two Harley Davidson motorcycles in the unit.