Mission Statement

Mission Statement
The mission of the Sayreville Police Department is to ensure that our community shall always
enjoy the highest possible level of police services. That these services shall be provided with the
highest regard for professional conduct and that regardless of the nature of assistance required,
our Department will always be a dependable partner in keeping our community safe and secure.

Values Statement
We, the members of the Sayreville Police Department, are guided by the highest ethical
standards. We embrace the values of Honor, Integrity, and Professionalism in our commitment to
maintaining the public trust. We understand that as employees of a law enforcement agency, we
have a special duty to our community and are held to a higher ethical standard than are the
employees of most other organizations. We provide the highest quality of personalized services
to all who live, work, and visit the Borough of Sayreville. We do this by empowering employees
who build partnerships with the community to prevent and solve crime, lessen fear, and reduce
neighborhood problems. We believe in and respect the dignity of all people, and we respect
individual and constitutional rights in fulfilling our mission.

Core Values
The Core Values of our Department are built upon four (4) principles:

Providing quality service to the community is our primary duty. We are committed to faithfully
performing our duties while striving to be responsive, effective, and dependable. Through
proactive law enforcement and community policing, we are dedicated to enhancing public safety
by reducing fear and the incidence of crime.

Honor is a matter of carrying out, acting, and living the values of respect, duty, loyalty, selfless
service, integrity, and personal courage in everything we do. Honor guides our officers to
exemplify the ultimate in ethical and moral behavior, to abide by an uncompromising code of
integrity, to respect human dignity, and to respect others. The quality of maturity, dedication, trust,
and dependability commit us to act responsibly, to be accountable for our actions, to fulfill our
obligations, and to hold others accountable for their actions. Members of the Sayreville Police
Department exemplify honor by always being truthful and fulfilling our duties not out of necessity,
but out of personal pride and a true sense of right and wrong.

Integrity is the cornerstone of our profession. We pledge to hold ourselves to the highest legal,
moral, and ethical standards. We will conduct ourselves ethically and honestly in a manner that
merits the respect of all people. We recognize that each of us represents not only our
Department, but also the law enforcement profession. We accept that our individual conduct, both
on-duty and off-duty, must be beyond reproach.

Professional service is embodied in our commitment to reliability and excellence in all aspects of
our conduct and performance. We believe law enforcement is among the most noble of
professions and derive personal satisfaction from the effective performance of our duties. We
believe in the virtue of placing duty before self with the willingness to accept personal sacrifice for
the greater good. We reject complacency and are dedicated to continually pursuing the highest
levels of knowledge, skills, and expertise. We will fulfill our mission by being accountable to our
community, our Department, and to each other. The Sayreville Police Department recognizes that
our members are the most valued assets of our organization and are essential participants with a
shared responsibility in fulfilling our mission. We recognize the quality, motivation, and
performance of our employees are key factors in achieving our success.