Almost everything a police officer does in the course of their duty results in some type of documentation. Whether it is a paper report or an electronic entry ultimately it will wind up in the Records Bureau. Reporting to the Captain of Administration, this bureau is staffed by civilian clerical personnel who ensure that reports are collected, filed, archived, and ultimately available to anyone who needs them. Release of police records is governed by the NJ Open Public Records Act. You may click here to visit the OPRA website for details about public record access.

The Records Bureau has new hours of operation and can be reached by telephone at 732-525-5416.

Police Reports & General Records Inquiries:

Monday-Friday:  9:00-3:30

Letter of Good Conduct

The Sayreville Police Department will provide a “Letter of Good Conduct” to residents for a fee of $10.

Request and/or Pickup:

Friday 9:00-3:30