While the men and women of the police department are often seen doing very public acts of service there are many other contributions our officers make to their community when they are off duty. Many of our number coach teams, are active in their places of worship, or simply roll up there sleeves to help a neighbor all without seeking recognition. Occasionally while performing a good deed, they get caught in the act. In his 2012 State of the Borough address Mayor Kennedy O’Brien had this to say:

Sayreville has the finest workforce in the state of New Jersey. Dedicated residents working for the borough, they are career employees. Each has a story of his or her own, but today I would like to single out Sayreville Police Detective Rob Bruce. He has attained the top NCO rank of Command Sergeant Major in the Army reserve, serving three tours of combat duty in the last twelve years, one in Bosnia and two in Iraq. In the aftermath of hurricane Irene, Detective Bruce became aware of a Sayreville resident, a police widow, whose basement had been flooded. On his own initiative and with his own hands his own tools, and on his own time, he gathered fellow police officers, and cleaned out all the ruined carpet, furniture, wallboard and appliances. He asked neither acknowledgement nor reward for this wonderful act of human kindness.

The members of the Sayreville Police Department are very proud of Detective Bruce and grateful to Mayor O’Brien for recognizing his kindness.


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