Uniform and Patch Change

Well, today is the rollout of our new uniforms and patches.  You may have noticed that there are two versions of our department patch, the older scalloped patch and the new shield shaped patch.  This year the Sayreville Police Department transitioned to a new look.  The daily wear for unformed personnel is now the Class “B” uniform consisting of BDU pants and shirt, a baseball style hat, and the new department patch.  Research has shown that this type of uniform is more suitable to the demands of patrol activity.

Another new addition to the uniform is the return of the Police Blouse.  These outer garments are worn as part of the Class “A” or dress uniform when we are called upon to participate in ceremonial occasions.  The traditional police uniform hat is still worn with this uniform.

The other specialty uniform you may see from time to time is worn by our department bagpipers.  As modern policing developed in the United States many urban police departments had large numbers of Irish Americans on their roster.  One old Irish tradition that became part of police culture was the presence of bagpipers at ceremonies.  Two of our sworn officers and one of our communication operators provide this service as needed.  When they dress in the Class “A” uniform they wear traditional kilts made from the fallen officers memorial tartan design.SPD Bagpipers


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