Sayreville joins HERO Program

Recently Chief Zebrowski, Captain Fitzsimmons and Lieutenant Brennan met with the members of the Sayreville Tavern Owners Association to discuss bringing the HERO campaign to the Borough of Sayreville.

The HERO Campaign promotes the use of sober designated drivers through local chapters in communities and at schools and colleges across the country. The HERO Campaign is not an anti-drinking campaign, but does promote common sense and responsibility. It’s slogan, “Be a HERO. Be a Designated Driver,” appeals to the hero in all of us.

The Sayreville Tavern Owners Association has a long history of working with the Sayreville Police Department to ensure that responsible adults can enjoy recreational use of alcoholic beverages in a safe and responsible way. Chief Zebrowski has appointed Detective Sergeant David Lasko to coordinate this program with the tavern owners. This partnership will work to encourage people to use a designated driver as automatically as they would use a seatbelt. Bars, taverns and restaurants, licensed beverage associations and restaurant associations have adopted the HERO Campaign and serve free soft drinks to sober designated drivers.

We look forward to the development of this campaign in the Borough and will keep you updated on our progress. For more information about the HERO Campaign go to

Chief Zebrowski explains the HERO Campaign to local tavern owners


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